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Implementation of the Interdisciplinary Program of Science Scholarship/Grant in National Tsing Hsua University

Approved by the Faculty Meeting on November 7th, 2011


1. Purpose:

 (1) Encourage our students to strive for excellence. Also screen and guide talent.

 (2) Provide financial support for indigent students to assist their completing studies.

2. The funding sources of this award will be from alumni, community and corporate donations. Sponsors have to indicate the name of scholarship or grant, and its earmark. If the name is not set, funds are all referred to as the "Interdisciplinary Program of Science Scholarship" or "Interdisciplinary Program of Science Grant".

3. The applications of the scholarships or grants will be reviewed and approved by the “Interdisciplinary Program of Science Scholarship/Grant Committee”. The committee consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and mentors. The Chairman is the convener and all of the Vice-Chairman and mentors are certainly the committee members.

4. The scholarships and grants are issued by the Committee with more than a half of attendance and the approval of more than two-thirds of attendance.

5. Application Procedure:

There is no deadline for the grants application. The scholarship application should be submitted before every October 31st. The application should include the following documents and be submitted to the Office.  

(1)   Application Form (Hard Copy)

(2)   Students, exclude freshmen, must provide school a certificate copy of transcript and rank.

(3)   Personal statement and academic year study plan.

(4)   A copy of recommendation letter.

(5)   Other supplemental or supportive documents. (Indigent students should provide the Withholding Statement and necessary proofs.)

6. The Committee has to complete the review within one month and announce the results.

7. This implementation will be applied after approved by the Faculty Meeting and be revised with the same procedure.